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Winnners of Excellence in Commercial Deployment

News 25, May, 2018
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Sprint and Airspan Networks Win Excellence in Commercial Deployment at the SCF Small Cell Awards 2018

The ultimate badge of excellence

Winners announced

They came, they saw…

…but that was the easy part. Our panel of independent judges, including some of the world’s leading telecom analysts, commentators, and leaders, then had to pick the winners of the Small Cell Forum Awards 2018 from a highly impressive shortlist of finalists.

More than ever, innovation is the key term this year – and that was reflected in the award categories. The deployment excellence category, for instance, highlighted many ingenious and sometimes groundbreaking approaches to residential, urban, enterprise, rural, remote and temporary deployment. Meanwhile, the HetNet-focused categories showed the extraordinary advances in HetNet software, services and enabling architecture that have taken place in a relatively short time.

Other categories brought to the fore inventive approaches to the small cell business case, as well as amazing new ways in which small cells can impact social, economic and environmental development and, of course, astounding advances in small cell design and technology innovation. And all the category finalists reflected the ways in which small cells are bringing better, faster, richer and more seamless connectivity to a waiting world. Our congratulations to all of you – and in particular to the award winners in what has been a highly competitive year.

Congratulations to our category winners:

Excellence in commercial deployment (Residential)

  • Sprint & Airspan Networks– Sprint LTE Magic Box

Excellence in commercial deployment (Urban)

  • CCS – City of London small cell backhaul network

Excellence in commercial deployment (Enterprise)

  • Nokia – Flexi Zone shopping mall and public building deployments

Excellence in commercial deployment of rural, remote and temporary small cells

  • Parallel Wireless & Ice Wireless – Connecting the unconnected in Canada

HetNet software and services – management and automation

  • Airhop Communications – HetNet Performance Insight with eSON360

Deployment of new architectures enabling the dense HetNet

  • Huawei– SME small BTS solution with LTE backhaul

Commercial small cell design and technology (Network & Xhaul)

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise & SoftBank– World’s first dedicated PCRF for small cells

Outstanding innovation in small cell technology or architecture

  • Accelleran – Architecture-agnostic small cell RAN-vRAN solutions

Outstanding innovation in small cell business case

  • Opencell – Multi-operator in-building coverage using small cells

Social impact – Promoting small cells for social/economic/environmental development

  • Parallel Wireless & Telefonica– Connecting LATAM’s unconnected with Telefonica

Judges’ Choice

  • ITRI – For deep innovation which is helping to advance the small cell platform

Chair’s Award

  • Mirela Doicu, Nokia – For putting regulatory issues center-stage at a critical moment for the industry

Individual contributions to SCF activities

Ravi Sinha, Jio – For informing the SCF technical agenda

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