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Dense Air invests EUR 20 million in Portugal

Featured News / Event 18, December, 2019

Dense Air has already invested EUR 20 million in Portugal, a country where it is also considering the possibility of taking part in the 5G auction, scheduled for April 2020. Hide Kitahara, senior VP for Japanese technology group SoftBank, who entered the Portuguese market through Dense Air, told Expresso that Dense Air aims to cooperate with local telecom operators and does not plan to enter the residential market.

He said that the Dense Air has volunteered to cede 68 MHz (out of the 168 MHz it was awarded) in the 3.5 GHz band to enable the auction of 5G spectrum. Anacom’s preliminary decision was that Dense Air could keep its license until August 2025, which the Japanese company plans to renew. According to Kitahara, Dense Air is aiming to use its technology to bring 5G wireless services to rural areas.


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