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Dense Air to offer Neutral Host 5G Densification Services in Australia

Featured News / Event 11, December, 2018

Dense Air to offer Neutral Host 5G Densification Services in Australia

Dense Air acquires 3.6 GHz spectrum in the six largest cities

London, UK, 12th December 2018. Dense Air today announced it had won spectrum in the six largest Australian cities, by participating in the ACMA 5G Spectrum Auction. The acquired spectrum supports 5G operation in 3GPP bands n77/n78.

Dense Air is a new class of wholesale network operator, that “enhances and extends” coverage and capacity by offering neutral host “Carrier of Carriers” services, supporting multiple operators on the same physical 5G small cell or 5G femtocell. Dense Air will provide densification extensions to both enterprise and residential consumers, extending 5G coverage and capacity to the hardest to reach outdoor and indoor locations.

Dense Air provides a fully managed service to both mobile and fixed network operators by the targeted mass deployment of small cells. The acquired spectrum assets in Australia enable Dense Air to start operations when the licenses are issued and handsets for the 5G eco-system, are available.

Paul Senior, CEO of Dense Air said “We are absolutely thrilled to have acquired 5G spectrum in the major metro areas of Australia. Our spectrum enables us to offer a completely new type of wholesale service to 5G network operators. Dense Air will complement planned 5G deployments, by allowing much greater densification than can be achieved with macro cells alone. By offering both 5G enterprise small cells and 5G residential femtocells, we can in-fill missing coverage and enhance capacity. Our mission is to help improve an operator’s 5G business cases, which still remains very challenging for both MNOs and MVNOs alike”.

What is Dense Air?

  • An optimised network densification and network extension service.
  • Solution delivered using indoor and outdoor small cells.
  • Service operates in licensed dedicated spectrum.
  • Dense Air 5G small cells and 5G femtocell provide services on a “neutral host” basis.
  • Dense Air will directly support 5G NR from next generation handsets.
  • Services are offered on a wholesale “carrier of carriers” basis.
  • Dense Air DO NOT compete with mobile or fixed operators or other retail service providers.
  • Dense Air services in Australia will be focused in urban and suburban metro areas.
  • Use cases supported include enhanced mobile broadband, ultra reliable with low latency services, and Machine Type Communications (or the Internet of Things).


Dense Air is headquartered in London, UK and has offices in the target launch markets of Ireland, Belgium and Portugal. Dense Air provides unique “carrier of carriers” neutral host small cell services to deliver cost effective densification to existing LTE mobile carriers or service providers. Dense Air is conducting extensive trials and proof-of-concepts in 2018 and will offer commercial services in 2019, including in the recently acquired spectrum in New Zealand, and plans to offer 5G services in Australia in 2020.

Media Contact: Paul Senior (media@denseair.net)

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