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Featured News / Event 10, April, 2019

Dense Air is building and operating a modern, high-performance small cell network, to enhance digital connectivity to the benefit of society and the economy. We are committed to delivering our network in a safe and responsible way. 

 To make mobile communications work, it is necessary for mobile base stations to be located wherever people are using mobile devices, especially in residential and urban centres. Additionally, the closer base stations are to mobile users, reception is better, and the phone needs to transmit less power to enhance services and deliver great social and economic benefits to society.

The frequencies Dense Air are using for small cell deployment operate in 3.5GHz spectrum.  This mid-band spectrum is comparable to 4G, meaning the signals and frequencies used for 5G are similar to those for 4G. However, our small cells have a much smaller coverage footprint meaning the output power is far less than current base stations.

We understand some people have health concerns related to mobiles and masts. Dense Air Ireland’s spectrum use fully complies with all regulations and guidelines issued by the relevant regulatory bodies including ComReg (Commission for Communications Regulation), which sets our licence conditions and regulates and manages the use of all radio spectrum in Ireland. They are guided in their determinations by other statutory bodies and standards, particularly within the EU.

When we deploy our network our signal levels in any publicly accessible area must adhere to the guidelines based on the limit values and non-ionizing radiation as defined by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These safety guidelines are endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The existing limit values and guidelines offer sufficient protection for people, animals, and the environment.

Research continues into mobile devices, masts and health. We’re committed to supporting this work.

Contact: media@denseair.net

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