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Spotlight on AutoAir at Cenex-LCV 2018

News 9, October, 2018
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Real Wireless presented alongside AutoAir lead organisation Airspan at this year’s Cenex-LCV conference 2018.

The conference is the UK’s largest event for the UK low carbon vehicle (LCV) industry and was this year held at Millbrook, Bedfordshire from 12 – 13 September 2018.

Peter Claydon from lead organisation Airspan said:

“The AutoAir consortium was delighted at the interest shown in the testbed by the low carbon vehicle international community. This is a clear demonstration of the sustainable value of the testbed beyond the projects one-year timescale and will give Millbrook and the UK a clear advantage in assisting in the development of autonomous vehicles.”

Anthony Dunne, Managing Consultant and Transport Sector Lead at Real Wireless, who presented alongside Airspan in the ‘AutoAir zone’ said:

“The AutoAir testbed provides an exciting opportunity to look at what can – and cannot – be done when neutral host approaches are applied to vehicles travelling at speed. There are real challenges for the UK around improvements in transport corridors, coverage and capacity and the viability of innovations. We hope to find synergies across road and rail, addressing common issues through the technological and economic insights we will gain from our modelling activities.”

Spotlight on AutoAir at Cenex-LCV 2018



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