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Sprint Magic Box Joins Pittsburgh Energy Efficiency Project

News 16, July, 2018
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Sprint on Tuesday announced plans to install its “Magic Box” small wireless sites as part of an energy efficiency project in Pittsburgh.

The Pennsylvania city intends to award a contract to Pittsburgh-based IoT energy management firm BOSS Controls, which will collaborate with Sprint, city agencies and other companies to make Pittsburgh “a national model for clean energy innovation.”

Under the partnership, Sprint will install Magic Box devices in about 100 city-owned buildings. The sites, along with Sprint LTE modems with WiFi, will connect BOSS’ Smart Plugs in those facilities. The Smart Plugs can be added to any electrical device to allow them to be turned off when buildings are unoccupied.

“We’re proud to play a part in launching this innovative program to increase energy efficiencies and lower costs with the City of Pittsburgh,” Sprint Head of Network Deployment & Operations Scott Santi said in a statement.

BOSS officials called the project the nation’s first “fully integrated Energy Savings as a Service initiative.”

“Emissions from buildings make up roughly 80 percent of the city’s carbon footprint,” added Grant Ervin, Pittsburgh’s chief resilience officer. “Optimizing energy consumption within city facilities helps to better allocate scarce resources.”


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