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About Us

Dense Air: Helping communities and carriers build secure, efficient, and inclusive networks

Dense Air is part of Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners’ CoFi platform, advancing shared broadband solutions to help close the digital divide and make connectivity more open, shared, and inclusive. Dense Air serves the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific with its mobile and fixed broadband services. Combining Open RAN infrastructure with Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum or licensed spectrum, Dense Air’s unique technology allows multiple network operators to securely share the same infrastructure, driving down infrastructure costs for both service providers and municipalities while delivering high-speed connectivity across use cases. Dense Air’s secure and shared approach to building wireless networks maximizes 5G network deployment speed and lowers operating costs for telecommunications operators, while also helping operators avoid large and redundant capital investments in proprietary 5G infrastructure. Dense Air’s networks deliver secure and expanded coverage for mobile operators and simultaneously enable municipal or civic uses, such as borderless classrooms for underserved students. Dense Air prioritizes building innovative public-private partnerships (P3s) to deliver its unique “carrier of carriers” neutral host small cell wireless infrastructure services and solve connectivity challenges for existing network operators by extending their mobile networks. Dense Air delivers cost-effective 4G and 5G solutions to support a range of use cases with a single secure RAN infrastructure, including enhanced mobile broadband, IoT, public safety, first responder networks, and remote learning.

Latest News

Dense Air: Bridging infrastructure and the cloud; shaping the ecosystem of shared wireless services.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind platform designed to revolutionize how cellular networks operate within buildings and outdoor spaces. Our technology creates a single, streamlined network from small-cell infrastructure that supports both public and private cellular services. This innovative approach is not only more cost-effective but also easier and quicker to deploy, ensuring reliable coverage where it’s needed most.

Our Team

Jim Estes

CEO Dense Air

Paul Senior

Founder and Chairman

Doug Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Lehv

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Andy Hobbs

Chief Technology Officer

James Wise

Chief Operating Officer

Ken Czosnowski

Executive Vice President Business Development

Brenna Berman

Executive Vice President Strategic Partnerships

Eileen Snick

Senior Vice President Human Resources

Graham Currier

Senior Vice President Network Operations

Paul Trubridge

Senior Vice President Global Solutions

Daniel Herb

Chief Product Officer – Executive Vice President

RAN (Radio Access Network) interfaces that support interoperability between different vendors’ equipment encouraging innovation and offering greater network flexibility at a lower cost than the traditional closed and expensive single-vendor alternative.
Shared physical infrastructure—radios, antennas, switches—and either shared or licensed spectrum available securely to multiple carriers and service providers.
A network of tall towers that transmit low bandwidth radio signals across a multi-mile geographic radius.
A network of low-powered radios discreetly mounted on street poles, buildings, or indoors near end-user consumption that transmit high bandwidth, targeted radio signals across a radius of hundreds or thousands of feet.
Hard-to-reach network boundaries with the weakest signal strength and highest interference where demand is highest and the macro signals are poorest.
Base stations that connect with users’ LTE and 5G handsets.